Increase your brain's download speed with Optimem.
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A magic learning tool in your pocket.

Optimem is a mobile app that helps you study & memorize faster by using spaced-repetition flash cards.

Through a buttery-smooth feedback loop, Optimem aims to be the most efficient & delightful way to learn.

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Create, remix, and share flash cards.

with the Optimem Editor.

Edit card text with Markdown. Attach images, sounds, and configure text-to-speech. Then, seamlessly transfer to your phone.

You can also import cards from Anki, which opens up some of the best learning materials on the internet.

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What do you want to learn?

EnglishHow to Make a SandwichFrenchJapaneseLatinMathKoreanRussianGuitarThe Meaning of LifeCommon ConversionsSpanishHow to Count to 10Is the Moon Made of Cheese?History
How to Pick Up A Blue Chair Off the GroundDanceGermanWhy You Are On This WebsiteHow to Open a DoorJavaScriptWhy is the Sky Blue?How to Remember ThingsGeographyBiologyPsychologyRust (programming language)ChemistryHow to Open a WebsiteGeneral & Special Relativity
C++How to Open a CanHow to Tie A ShoeDog BreedsHindiTypes of MushroomsEconomicsPianoComputer ScienceArtYogaTypeScriptMorse CodeMusicCooking
Is the Earth Flat?Say Hello in 20 LanguagesQuantum MechanicsHow to Learn FasterAre We Human or Are We Dancer?How to Crush A Can With Slats of WoodPhysicsPythonAssorted Concepts & IdeasAmerican Sign LanguageHow to Tie A TiePhilosophyHow to Tie KnotsMeditationSociology
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Learn anything

The Optimem app lets you study or supplement learning for just about anything:

Languages, college courses, musical instruments, and even life skills.

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Fast as f***

By using a scientific technique that Big School doesn’t want you to know about, called spaced repetition:

Optimem minimizes the time it takes you to learn new concepts.

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All yours

Optimem is customizable and free-to-use for all core features.

Many learning materials are published with permissive, open-source licenses. That means you can use and share them freely, forever.

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Powered by AI

Optimem uses artificial intelligence to generate flash cards and further improve your learning speed.

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increase your brain's download speed

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